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Client Guidelines

Here are some of the tools we use

Link        Accessed via the Client Login - Individual button on the left

Link is a secure web-based portal we use to gather tax data from our clients. Each of our individual tax clients have their own, secure Link account.  They set their own secure access credentials. Link is a product from Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, Quicken and QuickBooks. It is designed for CPA firms to be used as a collaborative tool to simplify the Income Tax preparation process.  We began utilizing Link with our clients in 2013. We pay for this service and offer it free to our clients. Via Link we essentially use an online tax organizer to post questions, collect documents and communicate with clients in the tax preparation process.  We keep copies of all tax returns we’ve prepared for clients over the years within their Link account. If a client needs a copy of a prior year tax return, W-2, 1099 etc they can simply login to their Link account and retrieve it.


Sharefile    Accessed via the Client Login - Business button on the left

Sharefile is a secure cloud document sharing application we use with our business clients.  Each of our business clients have their own, secure Sharefile account. They set their own secure access credentials. We pay for this product from Citrix, one of the largest cloud technology companies in the world and we offer it free to our business clients.  We store all our client documents in each respective business client’s Sharefile account. Our business clients essentially have access to all docs and files related to them that we have. Past financial statements, bank reconciliations, tax returns, quarterlies, etc can easily be accessed by our business clients.

NOTE:  For our Business Accounting Services clients their QuickBooks Online App has a built in secure cloud document sharing feature.  These clients simply use this feature rather then Sharefile.


We have our own APP!!

Montgomery Dillavou CPA, LLC App        Free for clients and non-clients


Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store:

Search MyCPA (it should come up first, its the one with no spaces in it)

Download, install it, launch it.  Then when you get to the unique identifier field, type in ‘Montgomery’   Or, simply us this QR code :

Our App has many great features.  Communicate securely with us, schedule appointments (telephone, in-office and online via GoToMeeting).  Turns the camera on your phone into a PDF Scanner so you can save receipts and securely scan and upload sensitive docs to us.  Our App is truly innovative, give it a try.


Protecting Client Information

Remember, we never use email or fax to send or receive confidential information.  Documents that contain names, SSN’s, addresses, banking info, financial info, etc should never be sent over email or fax.  That’s why all Montgomery Dillavou CPA, LLC clients have their own secure Link account (individuals) or Sharefile account (businesses) for easy uploading and downloading of secure information.  When clients need to send us documents, we require the docs to be scanned and saved in PDF format. Then uploaded to the Link account (individuals) or Sharefile account ( businesses).

Using GoToMeeting

We use GoToMeeting for our online meetings.  Prior to our meeting, please watch this introductory tutorial to the App we use for online meetings:


QuickBooks online training :

QuickBooks FREE Unlimited Phone Support - Only for our Business Accounting Services Clients